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It’s virtually impossible to succeed in teledentistry using a traditional dental office model – you’ll end up with the wrong software, unworkable logistical challenges, and excessive administrative costs. Virtual Dental Care solves these problems with a software platform designed just for teledentistry, and affordable business management services using leading-edge technology to keep administrative costs low.

Extensive Experience

The Virtual Dental Care team has deep experience in dental practice management, multi-location practice management, dental practice management technology, business analytics technology, internet technology, all aspects of dental insurance, and close relationships with the industry’s largest dental supply and manufacturing companies. And, we use our experience to help teledentistry professionals succeed.

Committed To Your Success

Virtual Dental Care knows that high-quality dental care is vital to the long-term health of every person, and believes teledentistry is the best method to deliver treatment to patients who might otherwise have difficulty accessing dental care. Your successful teledentistry practice will help reach underserved patients and provide a health benefit to our society, and we’re here to help you succeed – for everyone.

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Virtual Dental Care

From Dental Patients To Dental Professionals, We’ve Got Teledentistry Covered

 I’m A Patient
 I’m Any Type Of Location

Virtual Dental Care’s location-based app seamlessly connects patients – and schools, community centers, places of worship, and other locations – to their local teledentistry professional.
If you’re looking for the convenience of a mobile virtual dentist, Virtual Dental Care has you covered.

 I’m A Dentist
 I’m A Hygenist
 I’m An Assistant

Virtual Dental Care’s technology platform, equipment rental program, and virtual business services give dental professionals the turnkey tools they need to run their own teledentistry practice, today.
If you’re looking into starting your own teledentistry practice, Virtual Dental Care has you covered.

What Is Teledentistry?

Teledentistry is the delivery of diagnostic and preventive services outside of a dental office in convenient community settings by a specially trained dental hygienist. A licensed dentist reviews the records remotely to determine if further treatment is required. The majority of patients do not require further treatment. If treatment is required, appointments can be scheduled at a local home office in the Virtual Dental Care network.

Is Teledentistry Safe?

In a multi-year, multi-site study conducted by the Arthur Dugoni School of Dentistry in San Francisco, the use of virtual diagnoses and treatment planning was shown to be as safe and effective as treatment in the dental office. It has been endorsed by the American Dental Association and the California Dental Association.

How Does It Work?

Specially trained dental hygienists utilizing specialized mobile equipment and supplies set up a temporary treatment area at a location in a community setting. They provide preventative and simple therapeutic procedures, which include x-rays and photos. All records are input into a cloud-based Electronic Dental Record software application, which allows the records to be reviewed remotely. A local dentist in the Virtual Dental Care network evaluates the patient records and recommends treatment options. If required, an in-office appointment may be arranged at the local Virtual Dental Care dental office.

Where Can It Be Done?

Services can be delivered where people, live, work, play, go to school, receive other health care, receive social services, etc. Currently, teledentistry has regulatory approval in California and Colorado, but several states have legislation in process or are actively evaluating teledentistry.

Teledentistry Technology Platform

Technology Platform

The business needs of a teledentistry practice differ from those of a traditional dental practice. Traditional dental office software is insufficient for a teledentistry practice. The Virtual Dental Care technology platform is the only software on the market to accommodate the needs of a thriving teledentistry practice.

Teledentistry Equipment Rental

Equipment Rental Program

The expense of outright ownership of the equipment necessary for a teledentistry practice can be significant – typically more than $40,000. A teledentistry practice will likely start small – just a few days a month. The Virtual Dental Care equipment rental program charges an affordable flat daily rate and removes one of the biggest barriers to starting your teledentistry practice.

Virtual Teledentistry Business Services

Virtual Business Services

All the front-desk duties of a traditional dental practice will overwhelm an independent teledental practitioner. Do-it-yourself solutions are unrealistic. Hiring additional staff cannot be cost justified. Virtual Business Services from Virtual Dental Care offers the affordable solution.

Wondering how to start your own teledentistry practice? We can help.