What Is Teledentistry?

Expanding Patient Care
Beyond The Dental Office Walls

Teledentistry’s beginnings focused on addressing the underserved. Specially trained hygienists take mobile equipment into community or rural settings, perform preventive services and gather diagnostics, and transmit data into a cloud-based patient record. A licensed dentist then views the cloud-based records and creates a treatment plan, including arrangements for an in-office appointment where needed.

Improved Patient Convenience,
Enhanced Peer-To-Peer Communications

Teledentistry and its goals have evolved since its beginnings to include increasing patient convenience, enhancing peer-to-peer communications, and generally helping the entire dental industry reach a higher level of patient care through better collaboration. All of these goals, however, still align perfectly with that original mission of teledentistry by helping to expand access to quality dental care.

I want to start my own teledentistry practice. How do I start?

Virtual Dental Care

Turn-Key Solutions For Any Type Of Teledentistry Practice

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We facilitate secure patient-to-provider teleconferencing

We facilitate secure peer-to-peer teleconferencing

We match willing treatment locations with dentists and hygienists

We have Teledentistry Software Solutions

We have Teledentistry Equipment Solutions

We can help with teledentistry billing, marketing, and other practice management services

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