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Our vision is to make teledentistry a standard part of healthcare delivery.

Use Teledentix to expand your office beyond its current walls

Perform preventive and diagnostic services in community settings to expand your patient-base with remote exams and generate in-office referrals for those who need further treatment.

Market your dental practice with Teledentix

Attract new patients and retain existing patients by offering the convenience of secure, online consultations. Up to four participants can simultaneously review and discuss a patient record.

Bridge the gap between medical and dental

There are historic and practical reasons why medical and dental professionals treat patients in different silos, but it has become increasingly clear that for a patient’s total well-being that the treatment gap needs to close. New teledentistry technology and the network delivery systems that have grown from it offer a great opportunity to bridge the gap.

Start a teledentistry network in your community

The skills and knowledge required to setup, grow, and maintain a teledentistry network not are not necessarily intuitive. The ability to manage the workflow of a network requires additional expertise than is necessary to operate a dental practice. Virtual Dental Care will work with you to make sure that you have covered all the bases to success.


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