What is Teledentistry?

Teledentistry is the delivery of diagnostic, preventive, and potentially, minimal restorative procedures outside of a dental office in convenient community settings. The treatment is performed by specially trained dental hygienists. A licensed dentist reviews the records remotely to determine if further treatment is required. Cloud-based technology is utilized to transfer images and clinical information securely across the internet- in real time, if necessary.

Just as telemedicine has become a cost efficient method of administering health care, teledentistry has been proven to dramatically reduce cost and boost dental treatment efficiencies.

So what role does technology play in teledentistry?

Without the use of innovative dental technology, remote dentistry wouldn’t be possible. A cloud-based dental practice management software allows dentists, hygienists, and dental assistants to operate and communicate anytime, anywhere.

By utilizing cloud-based networking, dental treatment can be administered from location to location without losing valuable data. And certified technology insures that the sensitive patient information is always safe and secure in the cloud.

Virtual Dental Care combines teledentistry methods, state of the art equipment, innovative technology, and advanced business processes to help bring dental care to everyone.

Wondering how to start your own teledentistry practice? We can help.