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Virtual Teledentistry
Business Services

Virtual Teledentistry Business Services

We’ve Got Your Back (End)

Virtual Dental Care realizes that starting a teledentistry practice can be overwhelming. Many independent practitioners have little or no business experience, no dental office management experience, and don’t even know where to begin.

Virtual Dental Care is a team of successful dental industry business people with in-depth knowledge of what is necessary for a successful practice, having worked hands-on with thousands of dental practices.

It is our job to handle all of the business processes, and let the practitioners focus on the delivery of care. Think of our virtual teledentistry business services as a virtual office manager.

Services include all aspects of handling and maintaining equipment and supplies, all aspects of the technology platform support, all aspects of insurance billing and collections (including Medicaid), patient collections, if necessary, financial reports and analysis, marketing and help with legal support.

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We provide back-end business support, so you can focus on delivering dental care.

We Offer Virtual
Teledentistry Business Services
Covering Startup Through Operations

Virtual Dental Care takes the pain out of starting a teledentistry practice. No upfront costs. No searching for the best technology and equipment. No hiring and training of administrative staff. No time spent on insurance, billing, collections. No spending time on reports and analysis. Our virtual teledentistry business services mean you focus on providing the dental care, and we focus on the rest.

Startup Help

  • Operations Training
  • Software Onboarding
  • Software Training
  • Software Support

Revenue Cycle Management

  • Eligibility Verification
  • Insurance Billing & Collections
  • Patient Billing & Collections
  • Practice Analysis

Marketing Help

  • Location Acquisition
  • Location Negotiation
  • Web Presence
Wondering how to start your own teledentistry practice? We can help.