The Software for Teledentistry
Together, we can bring dental wellness to everyone

For Dentists

New ways of interacting with potential patients, existing patients, peers,remote treatment locations, and other healthcare professionals.


For Hygienists

Forever changing the role and image of the dental hygienist.


Medical Groups

Every interaction point with the healthcare system is an opportunity to address the totality of a patient’s health needs.


For Organizations

Onsite delivery of preventive and diagnostic services offers a new and convenient way to bring care to where people live, work, and gather.

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The Teledentix Software.

Teledentix is intuitive and easy to use. The software suite consists of three options that cover the needs of any type of teledentistry practice – and is designed to work with your practice management software, not replace it.

Retain Existing Patients

Teledentix makes it easy for existing patients to contact you if they have a question that only requires a quick look. Your patients will appreciate your awareness of their time constraints.

Attract New Patients

Invite potential patients to contact you with any questions via your marketing materials and website. Live video conferencing allows you to meet and discuss concerns prior to an office visit.

Grow Your Dental Practice

Teledentix provides a modern and easy way for patients – and potential patients – to connect with you. Grow your practice by giving patients what they want: timely help and sound professional advice.

Retain Existing Patients
Attract New Patients
Grow Your Dental Practice


via web portal, iOS and Android mobile devices


For the user who only wants to use live video conferencing for patient convenience and peer-to-peer collaboration.

Starting at $100 Per Month
  • Appointment scheduler or direct call
  • Virtual waiting room
  • Secure upload/download
  • Patient education
  • Credit card payment
  • Professional networking
  • Patient portal

Teledentix Pro

For the expanded office model or any type of hub-and-spoke system.

Starting at $300 Per Month
  • All Standard capabilities
  • Full patient record
  • X-ray and image capture, storage and management
  • Customizable microsites
  • Customizable forms
  • Customizable workflow management
  • Automated communications and alerts
  • PMA integration

Teledentix Enterprise

For enterprises and/or users who want or need private branding.

Starting at $1500 Per Month
  • All Pro capabilities
  • Customized branding
  • Sophisticated, customizable dashboard
  • Private directory
  • Provider network management


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