Telendentistry Services Marketing

Marketing Services

We work with you to find out what type of practice you have or want – higher end in-home visits, working with the underserved, schools, retirement centers, etc. Our marketing department takes it from there.

Startup Help

Want to expand into a teledentistry practice but don’t know where to start? We offer the needed expertise to point you in the right direction and take you through all the necessary steps.

Teledentistry Services Startup Help
Teledentistry Services Insurance

Insurance Services

Our goal of rapidly expanding teledentistry anticipates independent hygienists will establish their own practices. Most hygienists don’t have the experience of dealing with insurance companies. We offer these services as a means of lowering the entry barrier for an independent hygienist.

We also recognize that some dentists who are expanding their practices to include field teams may not want to take on the additional administrative overhead. We will offer the insurance services to them also.

Want to learn more about how we can help your teledentistry practice?