The Software for Teledentistry
Together, we can bring dental wellness to everyone

For Dentists

New ways of interacting with potential patients, existing patients, peers,remote treatment locations, and other healthcare professionals.


For Hygienists

Forever changing the role and image of the dental hygienist.


Medical Groups

Every interaction point with the healthcare system is an opportunity to address the totality of a patient’s health needs.


For Organizations

Onsite delivery of preventive and diagnostic services offers a new and convenient way to bring care to where people live, work, and gather.

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Non-traditional Treatment Locations


Most routine preventive services and dental exams do not require a dental office. Hygienists and other dental auxiliaries, using mobile equipment, can come to any location where people live, work, and gather. For some patients, on-premise treatment is a necessity, for others, it is a wonderful convenience. 

Our Teledentix software platform is the tool that can make it happen. If your organization is interested in helping provide these services, Virtual Dental Care can help find the dentists and hygienists in your area who use Teledentix.

Community Locations

Mobile hygienists with specialized teledentistry equipment can set up temporary treatment areas in almost any building that has access to the internet.
They bring dental care to people wherever they live or gather. Examples are:

  • Schools
  • After-school programs
  • Community Centers
  • Common-area living facilities
  • And more

Senior Locations

Good oral health is a requirement for good general health. Chronic gum disease has been shown to be associated with hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, and Alzheimer’s disease. Yet, less than 45% of seniors receive routine dental care, because too often, it is difficult to access a dental office and the fees are high. Virtual Dental Care arranges for preventive and diagnostic services where seniors live and gather. Bringing treatment directly to them alleviates the need to go to dental office for most patients. If further treatment is required, we arrange for an in-office appointment, or if necessary, an in-home visit by a mobile dentist.

In-home appointments

People have become accustomed to in-home visits from various healthcare professionals: nurses, day-care workers, physical therapists, etc. In some cases, it is necessary. In other cases, it is a wonderful convenience. Why not have cleanings and exams performed in the comfort of one’s home?

Businesses & Business Campuses

Dental professionals using Teledentix make getting preventive dental care and exams more convenient than ever. Dentists and/or hygienists bring mobile equipment onsite to your office. It eliminates your travel and hassle to get to dental office when it isn’t necessary. Make an online appointment for the day the hygienist is in your office. You will receive a dental cleaning and exam, and you’ll be back to work in just 45 minutes.


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