The Software for Teledentistry
Together, we can bring dental wellness to everyone

For Dentists

New ways of interacting with potential patients, existing patients, peers,remote treatment locations, and other healthcare professionals.


For Hygienists

Forever changing the role and image of the dental hygienist.


Medical Groups

Every interaction point with the healthcare system is an opportunity to address the totality of a patient’s health needs.


For Organizations

Onsite delivery of preventive and diagnostic services offers a new and convenient way to bring care to where people live, work, and gather.

controler controler

Every interaction point with the healthcare system is an opportunity to address the totality of a patient’s well-being.


Because of innovative developments in teledentistry software and equipment, it is now possible to offer most preventive and diagnostic services outside the walls of a dental office.

With our mobile cart and equipment, a dental hygienist can setup a dental operatory in any open treatment room. If a diabetic patient visits the hygienist, a nurse can check hemoglobin A1C and adjust medicines if necessary. If the dental patient needs a flu shot, why not administer it on the spot? If she is due for a routine screening like a mammogram, you can schedule it while she’s in the chair. Pediatrician offices, pregnancy centers, chronic disease treatment centers, etc. are all logical locations for dental prevention care with the

ability to collaborate virtually with a dentist when needed. Virtual Dental Care will arrange for you to work with a professionally managed network of dental professionals. We will arrange for hygienists to be onsite to perform preventive services and gather diagnostic records and upload them in our cloud-based teledentistry software platform for review by a local dentist. If further treatment is needed, a referral is made to the diagnosing dentist. Our software platform, Teledentix, is flexible enough to interact with other software applications.

The Virtual Dental Care network of dental practices

Virtual Dental Care works with organizations that use Teledentix to manage a network of hygienists who work in conjunction with dental offices to deliver preventive and diagnostic services in community settings.

The hygienists are supplied with any necessary mobile equipment and supplies to perform onsite preventive services and gather digital diagnostic information. The patient data is uploaded to the cloud-based teledentistry software, Teledentix.

The hygienists are paired with local dentists who subscribe to Teledentix, which adds the necessary functionality to perform teledentistry. Once diagnostic records have been gathered, the dentist is notified and logs in to Teledentix to review patient records and suggest any further treatment.

The hygienist is compensated for the preventive services and records gathering. The dentist is compensated for the examination, and if in-office treatment is needed, the patient is referred to his or her office.


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