The Software for Teledentistry
Together, we can bring dental wellness to everyone

For Dentists

New ways of interacting with potential patients, existing patients, peers,remote treatment locations, and other healthcare professionals.


For Hygienists

Forever changing the role and image of the dental hygienist.


Medical Groups

Every interaction point with the healthcare system is an opportunity to address the totality of a patient’s health needs.


For Organizations

Onsite delivery of preventive and diagnostic services offers a new and convenient way to bring care to where people live, work, and gather.

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Dental Insurance

Our synchronous and asynchronous cloud-based technology platform, Teledentix, supports secure patient communications, peer-to-peer collaboration, medical dental integrations, and management of mobile networks of dental auxiliaries. Teledentix incorporates a HIPAA-secure electronic dental patient record that supplements traditional in-office dental software. It incorporates risk assessment and outcomes measurement tools.

Medical Insurance

Aetna, Kaiser Permanente, UHC, BCBS Massachusetts, and others have shown that claims costs for patients who maintain oral health is lower than for those who do not receive routine care. The lower medical costs well exceed the cost of the dental care. VDC’s technology and delivery systems offer a unique way to identify patients who are most at-risk for higher medical benefits costs because of chronic oral disease and a cost-effective way to treat them.


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