Together, we can bring dental wellness to everyone


New ways of interacting with potential patients, existing patients, peers,remote treatment locations, and other healthcare professionals.



Forever changing the role and image of the dental hygienist.


Medical Groups

Every interaction point with the healthcare system is an opportunity to address the totality of a patient’s health needs.



Onsite delivery of preventive and diagnostic services offers a new and convenient way to bring care to where people live, work, and gather.

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An exciting time for hygienists


Teledentistry will forever change the role and image of a hygienist for those who choose to participate. It is obvious:

  • The relationship between oral disease and its effects on general health have become well-known
  • In the US, approximately 150M people do not receive routine dental care
  • The increasing awareness that inadequate dental care is a multi-billion-dollar risk to our healthcare system is already driving activities and resources to find a solution to the problem
  • The traditional in-the-dental practice clinical delivery system is too expensive and doesn’t have the capacity to treat an additional 150M people
  • If in-office services are required, a referral is made to the bricks-and-mortar office
  • The only practical solution is for hygienists, working in non-traditional settings, to team with dentists and offer teledentistry to deliver preventive and diagnostic services out-of-the office

In this scenario, the hygienist becomes like the primary care giver to the underserved, and the dentist is like the specialist when a referral is needed.
Currently, this model is legally possible in a few states and momentum is building across the country. Virtual Dental Care has developed turn-key solutions in California for hygienists to become the initial point of care in non-traditional settings but intends to grow nationally as the regulatory climate allows.

Join the network of hygienists

Virtual Dental Care manages the business activities of a dental hygienist network. From finding and contracting with community treatment locations to introducing them to local dentists who also want to participate to arranging for equipment and supplies to handling insurance billing, and more, the hygienists are offered local opportunities as they arise. They are free to choose which opportunities to take.


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